Welcome to the world of Physics!

Hello Apprentice Physicists! I've got an exciting year planned, so get ready to have some phun! In order to get things ready for September, please complete the summer assignment you've been given. On this page you'll find resources for the summer assignment. If you run into trouble or have a question, don't hesitate to email me at mzitolo@gmail.com.


Next year if you are a.....
Then you need...
And the Unique Course # for Quest is...
Rising Junior taking Physics I
No summer assignment this year
Rising Senior taking Physics II who
has already taken Physics I
No summer assignment this year
Rising Senior taking Physics II who
has NOT taken Physics I


Links to Resources for the Summer Assignment

  • Everything Science Online Textbooks: http://everythingscience.co.za
    • You can review Scientific Notation, SI Units, and the Metric System here.
    • Under "Read a Textbook", choose the "Grade 10" textbook. The relevant sections for this assignment are "Mathematical Skills" and "Units".
    • Students taking Physics II can review concepts on kinematics, forces, and energy here as well.

Create a QUEST Account

  • Need to register? Follow these instructions:

    • If you are enrolling in Physics I, the Unique Course # is 0116
    • If you are enrolling in Physics II, the Unique Course # is 0216
  • Having trouble? Email Mr. Z!
  • Be sure to record your username and password in a safe place (I recommend you email it to yourself) - I don't have access to that information if you lose it, and we will be using Quest throughout the year.
  • Remember to avoid rounding during your calculations and while entering final answers.

Taking Physics II but haven't had Physics I yet?

  • Under the Independent Learning Resources page of this wiki, check out the things under "General Resources". Start with The Physics Classroom, and then go from there.

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